Resourcity - Resourceful Creativity

Resourcity has been built on 25 years of experience in the High Access Industry. With extensive background understanding of High-rise Building Maintenance. Resourcity is able to SEE solutions that others can't. We know what is needed because we have worked with these systems for years.

Resourcity now works with both High-rise Building Maintenance and High Access Installations. Managed by a Father – Son team we employ both tested methodology and new innovations.

Paul Mohring
Director - Design & Installation

Paul has built this business for over 25 years. Starting from abseiling in the 1980s. He was on the Industry board when many of the standards employed today were being developed.

His experience and skill are invaluable to the development of project-specific designs for high access solutions.

Hyrum Mohring
Director - Building Maintenance

Hyrum comes from a Construction Mangement background having spent years working at Unitised Building (UB) during which time they won BRW fastest growing company in Australia. Hyrum has guided the team through some major building repair projects and countless cleaning and maintenance contracts.

Hyrum's skills in operation, planning and execution are vital in his role in Building Maintenance and Repairs.