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  • Project Name: Alt Apartments - Flemington
    Architect: Fender Katsalidis Architects
    Builder: Hickory Developments - Life Built
    Completed: May 2012

    Alt Apartments - Flemington

    Alt Apartments was the third; and largest building stage on the Flemington road site. Building on our long-term relationship with Hickory Developments, Resourcity worked closely with Fender Katsalidis Architects to develop a simplified – over parapet abseil system including structural steel parapet guides that doubled in areas as rooftop guard railing.

    This particular building includes 77 floor set anchors with associated parapet guides, 35 Lateral restraints (at the half-abseil mark), and 4 inverted anchors to be used to access under-hangs. Builders, Architects, and finally the owner's corporation have been very satisfied with the result.

  • Project Name: 101 Bay St Port Melbourne
    Architect: Plus Architecture
    Builder: Hickory Developments - Life Built
    Completed: Oct 2012

    101 Bay St Port Melbourne

    One of the largest concerns on the project at 101 Bay St was the problem of window cleaners landing on penthouse balconies – thus reducing the property value. The customised beam shown pivots on a large axis to reach 4 abseil points and solved the concern of landing on balconies, thus avoiding significant profit reduction!

    This particular building includes 56 floor set anchors, 15 inverted anchors used to access under-hangs, and 1 fully customised beam. The builders also requested around 35 temporary anchors to be used in conjunction with window installation. Resourcity designed, fabricated, installed and certified all systems.

  • Project Name: The Vogue - Chapel Street South Yarra
    Architect: The Buchan Group
    Builder: Hickory Developments
    Completed: Dec 2011

    The Vogue – Chapel Street South Yarra

    At 31 storeys high The Vogue in South Yarra was the most challenging project that Resourcity had undertaken to date. Resourcity designed a system of abseiling and roof access that met all of the complex project problems including; a curved height building crown, installation of anchors below paving, and rigging ropes over glazed edges.

    A customised davit system was developed. To make relocating the davit possible around the crown gantry and caged ladder it was built of lightweight material.

    This building consists of 44 Davit points on the steel gantry, 44 Lateral restraints (at the half-abseil mark), 3 horizontal lifelines, 55 anchors beneath paving, 60 Floor set anchors, and 26 inverted anchors – used to access under-hangs. Resourcity was also asked by the builder to rig up a protective catch net over a glazed atrium, which is now part of the shopping centre below.

  • Project Name: Sunday Apartments - South Melbourne
    Architect: Woods Bagot
    Builder: WATPAC Construction
    Completed: Apr 2013

    Sunday Apartments – South Melbourne

    The Sunday Apartments project has a major courtyard on Level 3 surrounded by 15 storeys of building. The design called for bridged walkways positioned at every 3rd level above the courtyard. Resourcity designed a system of anchor points on the under side of each bridge to allow for abseiling to the areas below. To save on cost these were installed while the bridge walkways were still at the factory being made.

    This project consists of 58 floor set anchors, 10 wall set anchors, 2 horizontal lifelines, 20 anchors under the bridge walkways, and a caged access ladder.

  • Client: Unitised Building (UB)
    Building Name: Prefabricated Construction
    Issue: Anchor Points
    Completed: Ongoing Use

    Prefabricated Construction

    Unitised Building construct high-rise buildings in a factory, they made of custom steel modules that are almost complete before they leave the factory.

    Resourcity worked closely with Unitised Building in developing a safe method to access the rooves of each steel module.

    The system includes 2 major anchor points that are connected by a nylon rope and tensioner, which acts like a lifeline. The system including major anchors was tested using our ratchet and pull test equipment.