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  • Client: Binks & Associates - Body corporate services
    Building Name: 310 Flinders Lane Melbourne
    Issue: Concrete Canter at 5th Storey Window & Rusted Downpipe
    Completed: Nov 2012

    310 Flinders Lane Melbourne

    The project at 310 Flinders Lane Melbourne was to replace a concrete window lintel on the 5th floor that had fallen to the pavement below due to concrete cancer.

    Accessed by using 60ft boom lift the loose concrete was safely removed, the rusted steel was treated, and replaced as needed, then a layer of technical grout was used to restore the lintel to original shape. After a coat of paint the lintel was as new!

    While on the job we replaced a rusted downpipe with a specially fabricated new copper one.

  • Client: Binks & Associates - Body corporate services
    Building Name: One Exhibition Street Melbourne
    Issue: Building was dirty with years of dust & dirt
    Completed: Jun 2012

    One Exhibition Street Melbourne

    The project at One Exhibition Street Melbourne required pressure washing to the ground and first floor in order to clean dirt and grime from years of build up. We chose to use abseil techniques to access the area and cleaned with our 3600psi diesel pressure washer system.

    The dirt on the building was thick so we opted to use a chemical to cut into it around the ground floor and street level. The building came out looking spectacular – pictures don’t do it justice!

  • Client: Church of Jesus Christ of LDS
    Building Name: Melbourne Temple - Wantirna South
    Issue: Regular Full Building Clean
    Completed: 6 Month Contract

    Melbourne Temple – Wantirna South

    The Melbourne Temple – Wantirna South client requires perfection in building maintenance and care. Our scope is to provide an entire wash down of the building using our 3600psi diesel pressure washer every 6 months. We also provide a regular perimeter spray of spider/insect deterrent.

    The result… Marble that shines!!!

  • Client: AKM - Owners Corporation
    Building Name: AKM Apartments - Richmond
    Issue: Steel chimney band had broken
    Completed: Aug 2012

    AKM Apartments - Richmond

    At AKM Apartments one of the steel bands around the chimney had rusted through and broken – sending pieces of brick to land on the apartments below, fortunately the band was caught in its fall… We had the job of safely removing this dangerous steel band.

    We made the chimney safe by installing a layer of netting around the band, then cut it out manageable in pieces and safely lowered them to ground individually, all this was done via abseil.

  • Client: Trevor Main - Property Managers
    Building Name: Riviera Apartments - Richmond
    Issue: Regular Window Cleaning
    Completed: 6 Month Contract

    Riviera Apartments - Richmond

    Riviera Apartments in Richmond consists of 6 different buildings on the one large site on the banks of the Yarra River. This complex system of apartments is a typical Window Cleaning contract for Resourcity. We clean all windows that cannot be accessed from the apartments. We employ the use of our high reach window cleaning pole that can reach up to 4 storeys high on this site.

    We also provide anchor point testing and certification for the entire site.

  • Client: The Mantra Hotel Group
    Building Name: Mantra on Russell
    Issue: Regular Window Cleaning
    Completed: 6 Month Contract

    Mantra on Russell

    Resourcity has been the contract window cleaner of the Mantra on Russell Hotel for over 10 years. Resourcity installed the original abseiling anchor points and continues to regularly test and certify them.

    Besides cleaning all of the 22 storey windows via abseil, Resourcity also helps keep the prestigious image of the hotel by frequently cleaning the pool area and also glazed entry glass.

    This is just one of our very satisfied customers!

  • Client: TAC
    Building Name: TAC Geelong
    Issue: Building Leaks
    Completed: Feb 2012

    TAC Geelong

    The TAC building in Geelong had 2 major leaks that could not be solved by other contractors. After some investigation the following problems were discovered:

    • A drain at the bottom of a window frame was blocked causing water to flow inside
    • There was a 3m long hairline crack in the sealed concrete below some paving that was allowing water to come into the building

    Both of the fixes required access via abseil. Resourcity fixed both problems and there has been no report of water problems since!

  • Client: All
    Building Name: All
    Issue: Anchor Point Certification
    Completed: Every 12 Months

    Anchor Point Certification

    With the increase of OH&S Regulations and greater concern for making our buildings safer the following items need regular testing and certification.

    • Anchor points used for abseiling
    • Harness points
    • Lifelines (Horizontal and vertical)
    • All custom devices to assist in abseiling

    Resourcity has the equipment and expertise and professionalism to handle all testing requirements!