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In order to get your regular external maintenance done safely on a large building we know that each building needs to comply with anchor testing standards. (AS/NZS 1891:2007)

Using both pull testers and load testers we have the equipment and know-how to make sure you are compliant with Australian standards. We can provide an ongoing inspection plan to give you assurance and peace of mind!


  • All
    Building Name: All
    Issue: Anchor Point Certification
    Completed: Every 12 Months

    Anchor Point Certification

    With the increase of OH&S Regulations and greater concern for making our buildings safer the following items need regular testing and certification.

    • Anchor points used for abseiling
    • Harness points
    • Lifelines (Horizontal and vertical)
    • All custom devices to assist in abseiling

    Resourcity has the equipment and expertise and professionalism to handle all testing requirements!

  • Unitised Building (UB)
    Building Name: Prefabricated Construction
    Issue: Anchor Points
    Completed: Ongoing Use

    Prefabricated Construction

    Unitised Building construct high-rise buildings in a factory, they made of custom steel modules that are almost complete before they leave the factory.

    Resourcity worked closely with Unitised Building in developing a safe method to access the rooves of each steel module.

    The system includes 2 major anchor points that are connected by a nylon rope and tensioner, which acts like a lifeline. The system including major anchors was tested using our ratchet and pull test equipment.