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Our 3600psi diesel pressure washers with rotating spray nozzles have the power to restore your building's beauty! When needed we can also use industrial grade chemicals with our pressure washers to get the deepest clean.

We have 25 years of high access experience employing proven industry techniques to access hard to reach places.

We have many customers already who have been satisfied by the result. Improve your buildings looks and charm with our professional services!


  • Binks & Associates - Body corporate services
    Building Name: One Exhibition Street Melbourne
    Issue: Building was dirty with years of dust & dirt
    Completed: Jun 2012

    One Exhibition Street Melbourne

    The project at One Exhibition Street Melbourne required pressure washing to the ground and first floor in order to clean dirt and grime from years of build up. We chose to use abseil techniques to access the area and cleaned with our 3600psi diesel pressure washer system.

    The dirt on the building was thick so we opted to use a chemical to cut into it around the ground floor and street level. The building came out looking spectacular – pictures don’t do it justice!

  • Church of Jesus Christ of LDS
    Building Name: Melbourne Temple - Wantirna South
    Issue: Regular Full Building Clean
    Completed: 6 Month Contract

    Melbourne Temple – Wantirna South

    The Melbourne Temple – Wantirna South client requires perfection in building maintenance and care. Our scope is to provide an entire wash down of the building using our 3600psi diesel pressure washer every 6 months. We also provide a regular perimeter spray of spider/insect deterrent.

    The result… Marble that shines!!!